salseros_momposMompos, is a city very far inside the Magdalena River basin in Colombia, it is somewhat complex to reach it, if you are coming from Bogota, it is roughly 15 hours or more some of the drive through some rough roads, from Cartagena is at least 8 hours plus a ferry ride. With that being said Salsa music is very prevalent here as salesmen sell Salsa music posters with the likes of Andy Montanez from my beloved Santurce in Puerto Rico, this is a tribute to the power of Salsa!

Mompos es una ciudad relativamente remota, para llegar de Bogota son minimo 15 horas a veces por carreteras que estan en malas condiciones. De Cartagena son al menos 8 horas incluyendo un viaje en el ferry. Lo que la foto demuestra es el poder de la Salsa, vendedores en el centro de Mompos vendiendo fotos de salseros como Andy Montanez de mi querido barrio Santurce en Puerto Rico!


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