cover ScreenHunter_02 May. 03 12.55I have been to Colombia many many times visiting a cross section of the country from Bogota to Baranquilla, Bogota to Santa Marta, Villa de Leyva, Sincelejo, Sampues, Monteria, Cartagena and finally Corozal which is my base of operations in Colombia when I am there.

From Corozal 4 bus rides north until you reach the town of Tolu, there you catch a small bus and it drops off at a lonely crossing with several motorcycle taxi’s and several policemen standing by. You follow a sand and dirt road north and you are at Puerto Viejo beach. Not much there except the beach and several sleepy motels which cater mostly to weekend local tourist from Medellin. I visited this beach on new year’s week and the amount of people was unbelievable for such a remote and deserted place.

I really enjoyed this place; in the background the sounds of coastal Colombia are prevalent, Joe Arroyo and Diomedes Diaz fill the air as families enjoy time with one another. The main course is fried fish, served with arroz de coco (coconut rice) and Costena Beer.

Enjoy the images


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