In writing article #2 about Englewood some thoughts come to mind. The previous article has generated a lot of discussion and curiosity about Englewood and how it is perceived by people that know very little about it. It has generated thoughts about its future and how to make it into a

Dr. James R. Diesfeld
Dr. James R. Diesfeld

self sustaining community where residents are offered new economic opportunities to raise their standard of living. In thinking about Englewood I have to think about key institutions and how they are now at the forefront of economic development, the first I think about is St. Bernard hospital. 2 years ago Dr. Diesfeld who is one of Chicago’s most highly sought after chronic pain specialists, received a call from the chief St. Bernard anesthesiologist Dr. Penas, she said come to St. Bernard we could use your help, we need a pain specialist there is none nearby. We went that afternoon and immediately realized that we needed to be there on a compassionate basis and also on community development basis. It works like this, St. Bernard is one of the largest employers in Englewood, we bring patients and order services Xrays, Labs and refer to physical therapy and the pharmacy and interface with other neighborhood clinics and providers and participate in a cycle that brings life to the community. In turn St. Bernards becomes more viable and sponsors community development around its immediate surroundings and this is a major benefit to Englewood. Dr. Diesfeld has made the decision to bring patients from outside the area to support the hospital and participate in Englewood. I think this is a very positive story and we will continue to find some more.


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