Charlie Billups Venezuela Update! – I read here yesterday that somebody says that the coup in Venezuela and Ukraine were coups planted by Obama and his administration. I found this remark so shallow and baseless and so out of touch with the reality of what the people of this countries are suffering.

We are so blessed to live in a place where stability is the norm and where our laws even though sometimes we don’t think the are good they actually guarantee a lot of the freedoms that we enjoy.

I have many close Venezuelan friends, my wife has friends and relatives that are from Venezuela and we know their suffering. We know how in the last years basic items like toilet paper are non existent because of somebodies idea that Venezuela most become a state like Cuba and have a centralized economy.

Please boycott Citgo Gas Stations, Deny the funding that is repressing millions of citizens of their to democracy.

It is my sincere hope that type of bloodshed that was seen in Ukraine is avoided at all cost.

Pastors and Ministers that I know make this a priority to pray for this, research this,  follow this on the news. It is my sincere belief that we can make a difference!


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