I feel the same way as my sister except as I read the posting I did not know these things.
“Diane Leslie Billups added 2 new photos ā€” feeling happy with Charlie Billups.
My love for the USA I probably got it from my Grandma Esther. She loved the USA more than anyone I knew. She would tell so many stories about her dream of coming to the US and how she escaped her tyranical Spanish father that had her to marry in a arranged marriage. She read small blookets how a woman could go to school and even become a doctor, marry the one you loved. these booklets were given to her by American missionaries that came to teach English to the kids, this would be called now “imperial pigs propaganda”… On morning she told her dad that she was going to San Juan to get things for her wedding and took off from her captive life and never looked back in the Coamo steamboat. She landed on Ellis Island to the screams of an Irish man wailing “watch your step!” She tought he was calling her name, Esther! First thing she did in NYC was cut her long hair and get a swinging cut.. She went to work and even worked herself up to be a special aide to Fiorello La Guardia, the beloved NYC mayor. During WW2 she was a volunteer for the war effort, why? I asked, she told me where else in the world you can come and forget your past and be whatever you could be? She told me where else you find good hearted souls that would go to another continent and die saving others for themselves to be free? Or be an astronaut? And then we went off to see the pretty 4 of July parade, me with my proud US sailor suit with my US flag. All what she told me still stands true to the test of time….”


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