After thinking long and hard about Riot Fest, documenting the damages, speaking to political figures and elected officials I have come to a conclusion; Riot Fest is a  major festival and it does good to the community, However thru its largesse and the music it plays and the “greater good of the neighborhood ” donation program to political causes and community organizations it has managed to command the complete use of the park and its resources causing damage to its infrastructure that I will document to see if it really gets repaired . I want to remind the community that it is a for-profit event.

My concerns are:

mundo amarilli (1 of 1)
Sunflower patch at the Garfield Conservatory

1. Did they have take over the majority of the park?
2. Are there going to be public hearings next year and have citizens voice their concerns before the next advertised festival?
3. Does this festival contribute to the gentrification effect in the western side of the park?

For now I have to think of positive things and the good that the cash starved park district does.


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