Today I went to North Park Nature Sanctuary with my daughter Sarah to spend some daddy-daughter time. It was a great time, I thought Sarah a little bit about photography and she enjoyed as we walked through the trails. We spent about an hour a half.

Something happened though, I got lost, lost my heading as we were returning. North Park Sanctuary is not a very big place, however the wilderness is very dense and in the north area it seems to me that the large trail does not have a pointer sign back to the main center.

As we walked we came to an open field and to the distance I saw the old steeple of a church in the distance on the other side of the park. Shortly after that we found our heading back to the center.

My spiritual lesson from this as simple as it may seem is this; Its been hard spiritually for me lately, I have been wrestling with the immense pressure of running two business and raising a family. Sometimes I feel lost, far from where I want to go spiritually, wondering some far away trail, however I have in the last week returned to some basics and rising up very early and praying to God, this is what I find in the analogy The Cross is our north and it always there across the fields of our distress.

Church steeple north of North Park Nature Sanctuary
Church steeple north of North Park Nature Sanctuary

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