This morning hundreds of people from many churches in Chicago West Side marched along Ogden Avenue and met at the intersection of Central Park avenue and Ogden avenue to pray and condemn the grand jury decisions against the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases. I reserve any comments but I felt that the message headed by Pastor Wayne “Coach” Gordon and Rev. James Brooks was powerful uniting.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Anti-Violence Protest – Churches Unite in West Side

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    In my last post I shared the letter that was sent out to our River City family explaining the thought process behind our decision to spend the day with some of our friends in the Lawndale neighborhood. We began with an invitation to a powerful time of sharing, preaching and worship at Harmony Baptist Church, and then met up with the rest of the churches for a prayer march. These 4 churches coordinated with the police to shut down the intersection of Ogden and Central Park for about 20 minutes, and we had an amazing time of lament, prayer, singing, and Bible reading. I was so thankful for the gracious hospitality of these churches towards us, and will remember yesterday for a long time. Charlie Billups, who has been given the spiritual gift of photography, took some amazing images that really capture the spirit of the day.

  2. These are great pictures. The one of the sign saying, “Ferguson is everywhere”, is certainly true for North Lawndale. It is hoped that, through our Presidential Library campaign, we will be able to strengthen a healthy relationship with our police district. Commander Pena of the 10th District, has already shown her support for a meaningful relationship. As the only community-based bid remaining in contention for the Obama Presidential Library, North Lawndale and its university partner, UIC, ask for your support. Please join us on Twitter @NLOPL and Facebook,

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