We received today the Chicago Public School lottery results letter. Tonight is a night of dread for many parents in Chicago, 2 couples have called us struggling, thinking what are their options. Parents that have been put on a wait list for every school they applied for in the lottery. It is dreadful because the schools that are close to Humboldt Park that are not Chopin Elementary School, have put us at the bottom of the list, there is statistically no way we will ever be able to be on those schools. I feel chided and humiliated that we pay such a high rent (Which translates into high taxes) and our children cannot attend a school that has academic excellence and that all children are exceeding in learning. Chopin has 25% reading scores and is overpopulated after the closing of Lafayette School.

This is not the fault of the teachers who gallantly fought against the closings of the 53 public schools 2 years ago but the fault of a city administration that has pushed to gentrify areas of Humboldt Park and has not planned for the future. 6 new houses have been built on our block in the last 6 months each selling for $599,000. They are 4 bedroom houses for upper income families, which most likely will have children, WHERE ARE THEIR CHILDREN GOING TO GO? They are paying a lot of taxes and a very under performing school is awaiting their children. The residents of Humboldt Park have been saddled with an extra tax for sending their children to private schools.

City hall does not empathize with us, they don’t care, to them this is the business of living in Chicago, along with parking tickets, red light cameras and police brutality.

I don’t have the resources to move, I don’t have political connections, tonight I don’t have answers. It’s unfair!

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