For the longest time I have been photographing events, celebrations, worship services and dedications at River City Community Chruch. I have tried to focus on the abundance of expression that is offered in worship at River City Community Church, without me knowing it has become a ministry. This morning as we celebrated the first Easter service in the neeaster_rc_33 (1 of 1)w RC facility, I realized that I was not going to be able to photograph we the freedom that I usually do because I was singing in the choir. I thought deep and hard about this and my first thought is that this is not my ministry, It’s the Lords ministry and my mission is to document our community life. So I gave Joshua Healing a call. Josh is a inquisitive teenager with a hunger for photography which reminds of who I was as a kid.

I have for a long time seen Joshua’s desire to serve, he serves in the summer camps, he serves in the children’s ministry and follows the worthy examples of his dedicated parents which I hope to be able to follow with my two young children. So I turned over the photographing for Easter Sunday to Joshua! I welcome him and it is my sincere desire that he will use his God given gifts of photography to honor God and his Church! Here is some of his work today, great job Josh!


2 thoughts on “River City Easter 2015 – Introducing Joshua Healing – Young Photographer

  1. It was such a please to see your community in action. Thanks for sharing, Josh! God bless you as you serve your Savior with your gifts that He gave you.

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