Lagartijas (1 of 1)Every 2 years I make the pilmgrage to Colombia, a land that after Puerto Rico has become my second patria. Everytime I come to this country is see something new but at the same time something that I have experienced before. I saw the lizards in the porchlight at my mother in law’s house, it evoked memories of my grandmother’s house in Puerto Rico, It make me remember feel the summer heat at my grandmothers hous, I remembered the beach, I felt like if I was walking in my beloved Calle Loiza, except that is different because there are other places, other sensations here in Colombia. This time around I started in Medellin. I am still thinking of my feelings toward this enchanting place. So I will have post in a later article. But enjoy the images for now and stay tuned.

Medellin panoramic images (Click here)
Medellin street scenes (Click here)




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