The moment when you return home – AfriCaribe Dance Recital – Part II – The Video #2

I made this video to share the feeling of “coming home” that I got last night. It was a precious feeling. I hope that even if you are not Puertorican you equate this with something else from where you from. Enjoy!

Part II

The moment when you return home – AfriCaribe Dance Recital


Sarah Maria dancing Bomba at AfriCaribe’s recital

Last night was a night that I felt was a “Homecoming” night for me and I kept thinking of the song by Ruben Blades “Todos Vuelven”. Last night when I first heard the sounds of Bomba music as I walked to La casita de Don Pedro on Division Street, I felt the coming home feeling.

I remember as a child in elementary school how I would practice dancing to bomba music and how many of the kids I grew up with wanted to be Conga players. I was very happy to see AfriCaribe and other groups fostering this beautiful and expressive art form. Last night more then ever I felt very proud to be from Puerto Rico.