A very special night – “Cubs win NLDS” – Oct 13, 2015 Part II

Last night at Wrigley Field, it was a monumental night in every aspect, there was drama, yes the rivalry was being played against the Cardinals, Joe Maddon used eight pitchers and a replacement shortstop from Bayamón Puerto Rico, Javier Baez. Javier hit the home run that tied the game after a walkup hit and home run in the Cardinal first. Last night I did not go as a photographer but I caught this video from my vantage point of Javier Baez hitting the now famous home run.


A very special night – “Cubs win NLDS” – Oct 13, 2015 – Harry Carey signs!

Tonight was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Never ever have I gone to a playoff game, so the victory by the Cubs was of very special meaning to me. It was so sweet. Even more sweet was the video of Harry Carey singing during the seventh inning stretch, it was like if he was still here. Enjoy it with me. I dedicate this to my Mom, to Jimmy Lorena’s  father and to my wife Lorena who encourages me in so many ways.

In the 9th inning when everybody has left

“In the ninth inning and after a grand slam from the visiting team you must come out and play” – Last night I went to the Cubs vs Reds game and the Cubs lost on a ninth inning grand slam by the Reds. Most people left and the bottom of the ninth went 1,2,3. This image of the last batter with a almost empty backdrop. I think of parallels in my life where it feels the same. I feel very blessed that ‘i have found happiness and a loving family that have giving new opportunities to renew myself. “Thanks be to God who leads us in triumphant procession”In the 9th inning losing and most people have left - You still have to play (1 of 1)

Personal Improvement – Breakfeast every Friday – Wrigley Field – Chicago

For the last several months I have given myself a treat. I live a very busy life I manage a company, I am trying to get a photography business of the ground, I have a young family and honestly I have very little time for myself. On Friday mornings I have a ritual, I go to the McDonald’s Restaurant on Clark Avenue across from Wrigley Field. I have breakfast and for 30 minutes I think about baseball and sometimes read my bible. I feel that this time is sacred God and Baseball, this has become a ritual for me. Do you have a ritual?

Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field