The Retirement of Congressman Gutierrez

Thoughts on the retirement of Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez. I am extremely grateful for his contribution to our community in Humboldt Park, to the Puerto Rican community as a whole, for the leadership in the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera. Luis has fought for the rights of us Puerto Ricans as well as the rights of those with no rights whatsoever.

I am extremely grateful for his contributions to the well being of Puerto Rico after the hurricane. I am grateful for his sacrifice during the Vieques period.



Aldermanic Runoff Election for 31st and 36 Wards – Millie Santiago and Gilbert Villegas.

I took this images as I was working on the story for WBEZ – Chicago Public Radio.

Images were taken at victory party for Milly Santiago and Gilbert Villegas at the Logan Square Auditorium. I think this was probably the most important election besides the mayoral election. Long time deputy major Regner “Ray” Suarez lost to Milly Santiago. Also Gilbert Villegas won the election for the 36th ward. Members of the progressive caucus including Alderman Proco Joe Moreno celebrated with newly elected Alderman’s Santiago and Villegas.