Chicago Public School – Lafayette School – Last day of school – Lessons Learned

Last night heard on WBEZ Radio on the way home that some parents had occupied some of the classrooms on the last the day of school at Lafayette School in Humboldt Park. When I got there the bulk of the police activity was over however I noticed that my friend Donald Kuss was there and had been involved with the parents that had occupied the classrooms. I met Rousemary Vega and her daughters and son, I took some images of her and we briefly chatted and I left. I thought for a while about the significance of last night events, nothing really happened as far as the city was concerned, and in others schools their closures were met with no resistance, but here was Rousemary Vega standing up against a system of bureaucracies and politicians that has decided to remove all public schools from the East Humboldt Park area. Rousemary  seem to me to be was a gentle soul that is trying to raise 3 kids in a though neighborhood where Lafayette School represented hope and stability in a gang infested area. I salute with this picture tribute Rousemary Vega, her husband and her family!