Images from Corozal Colombia – Colombia 2015

The following are images taken in Corozal, Colombia my wife’s hometown. Most of them are taken around the large town plaza. I get a feeling of going back in time where the simple pleasures of life are enjoyed.


Colombia 2015 – Los Recuerdos Bakery – Corozal, Colombia

It seems that every town in Colombia has a bakery that is owned by people from Medellin known as “Paisas” no exception in Corozal, and what a bakery it is. It is ultra modern, with a huge assortment of pastries and ice cream. It is a hangout place. The owner knew who I was even after 3 years of not being there.I think this is the secret to the paisa business culture.

Colombia 2015 – Reports from the City of Corozal – Fitness bug strikes the town plaza

I enjoy so much coming to my wife hometown, the people warm and friendly and it has a deep charm. There is not a lot to do at night besides engaging in lively conversations in balconies or go to the plaza and watch the kids play or something new aerobics to Salsa and Vallenato. I cost 1,000 pesos to participate but that is not much. I enjoyed watching the enthusiasm of the people.