MLK Day – What does it mean to you?

Here are some of my thoughts on the MLK Holiday.


Is our cross worn out?

Two weeks ago I drove by this church as I dropped Sarah off in school and I stopped and took some pictures and posted some of them in instagram and took some others with my large camera. Thoughts came to mind and I will share. I am 54 years old and my faith feels a lot like this church looks. This church building looks worn and lonely and it has seen better times. Many meetings were held there, many sermons were preached, many baptized and many last goodbye were said here. I think the neighborhood changed and perhaps leadership did not adapt to modern times. Positively it still stands, and probably there are some that still worship in it.

For me there is a clear lesson, I have been in the faith for a very long time, I have fought many battles mine and others, when I was part of the Church of Christ, and with fervor and passion I sailed a course that led to very turbulent waters, waters of doctrine that caused damage to many souls looking to find a safe harbor in life. But I must remind myself that God always leads us in triumphal procession, I am trying to adapt, I am trying to find journeys and relationships that fit my course. I am trying to give back what God has given me an renew my faith to meet my present situations. I am grateful to God, I want to live a life that counts, I don’t want to ask God much, but be thankful for what I have and he gives me daily.

I want to renew the building of my faith with new paint and mortar from the Lord’s quarry.