Rapidito – A modern Colombian restaurant – Restaurant review.

This year will be 8 years since I met my wonderful wife Lorena in Bogota, Colombia. The next day that I arrived we walked around Bogota’s La Candelaria neighborhood and  introduced me to what seems to me as one of the staples of Colombian food, the Hot Dog “El Perro”. My wife has a love affair with the Colombian Hot Dog. She moved to the United States 5 years ago and she continues to long for the unique taste. Last week we visited Rapidito a new eatery on 1855 West Diversey and it was just as if we stepped into the Hot Dog place on la Carrera 7ma in Bogota.

The Hot Dog is not the only selection on the menu but that is what I had. The Dog was filled with Cornish game hen eggs, chicken breast pieces and crackly bread crumbs topped with ketchup, pink sauce and pineapple sauce. It is good! I close my eyes and I was in Bogota, I close my eyes again and I was in the Plaza in Santa Marta, I closed my eyes again and I was in the plaza in Corozal my wife’s hometown.

The menu is very varied and healthy nothing deep fried, several types of arepas offered including arepas de choclo another Colombian classic. Also on the menu are chicken and beef skewers topped with pineapple sauce and pink sauce. There is a wide choice of Colombian sodas and fresh juices smoothies and coffee.

I felt that the atmosphere is very warm an inviting owner Carolina Diaz makes you feel like family. Rapidito is very well priced and is open every day. Enjoy!


Food/Restaurant Review – Ravi Kabob House – Indian Pakistani Restaurant – Devon Ave. Chicago

If you want some Indian-Pakistani food that is inexpensive with all the trimmings for 3 for about $20.00 Ravi’s Kabob is your place. Inside the place looks cavernous and somewhat dark but soon the aroma and the friendliness of the two proprietors will set you at ease. The menu is very varied and inexpensive. I had the Chana Masala which was very tasty and is also fresh. I was overwhelmed with the flavor and it was not to spicy. The Indian/Pakistani bread was freshly baked and very soft. Hope you enjoy!

Secret Puerto Rico – Restaurant El Tenedor de Oro – Cayey, Puerto Rico

On Puerto Rico State Road #179 between the city of Cayey and the Jajome area several years ago I found this place. It was simple in appearance in the front however the back revealed a magnificent terrace with a commanding view of the local mountains. The Seafood Mofongo was excellent! I hope that on my next trip to Puerto Rico this place is still there.