MLK Day – What does it mean to you?

Here are some of my thoughts on the MLK Holiday.


Iglesia Cristo Rey, Corozal, Colombia – Imagenes de Adoracion – Images of Worship

cristorey25 (1 of 1)Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de visitar la Iglesia Cristo Rey en Corozal, Colombia. Las imagenes son poderosas y senti la presencia de Dios alli. Aqui esta el link para la pagina con todas las imagenes:

On my recent trip to Colombia I was able to photograph the Iglesia Cristo Rey in Corozal, Colombia. It was a moving a experience and I felt God’s presence there. Here is the link to the images:

Images of Worship – Nicaragua 2003

The first time I realized that I wanted to be a photojournalist was when I was called to be one. I went on a missionary trip to Nicaragua and my camera came along. I went from church event to church event simply taking pictures for somebody’s photo album. One night I went to a very poor church lit only by several incandescent light bulbs, no fancy music no mesmerizing preacher only poor people and a dirt floor. I was transformed by the simplicity of the event by the expressions on peoples faces. That night I decided to think in black and white and it change me as a person and as a photographer.

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