Las Vegas – A Charlie Billups special report #2 – Caesars Palace Architecture

This is part two on my Las Vegas photo shoot. This images were taken with my Iphone 5s and one with Nikon d600(Guess which one it is). I stayed at the Caesars Palace Resort at first, I thought It was over the top at first, but as I let the architecture of the pool area settle in my mind, I decided to post this pictures and share with you the incredible feat of architecture to create this roman atmosphere. Enjoy!


Las Vegas – A Charlie Billups special report

I just came back from a 3 day trip to Las Vegas for a medical billing conference. It was a wonderful trip got a lot of knowledge into the changing world of medical billing and pain management. I was able for the first time to take my big camera along. Yes I took the big bag and that was a hassle but I did it. I decided before the trip that I was going to have a different focus. I focused on everyday folks workers,homeless, gamblers and regular workers. To me its a different perspective. The majority of the images were taken on a walk from the Caesars Palace hotel to the MGM Grand hotel along Las Vegas Boulevard. To me it was mind boggling to think about the amount of people in this avenue that has become one America’s landmarks. Enjoy!