Los Van Van in Chicago

Oh! My God, I feel that this week I am Cuban after going to the Los Van Van concert, I can not get them out of my mind, I want to be there again. To me the pictures that you are about to see are probably the best I have ever taken. Yes and you may ask why?  I was involved, I have bought the Los Van Van train a long time ago. I was able to photograph their faces, feel the rhythm, I was able to make them part of my musical heritage. For this concert I shot most of the images up close, not from the upper deck even though I took some pictures up there too. This to me became an emotional issue and as a photographer I have found that my best work is when I care about the subject.

So, if you get a chance get on Spotify and look up the album title “Chapeando” put a couple of songs and put the images on slide show and take it all in. You will be Cuban for a couple of minutes for today.

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Los Van Van are coming to Chicago! Bienvenidos!

Friends on Sunday August 9th, 2015, 7pm at 1807 S Allport St, Chicago, IL 60608 at the famous Thalia Hall, The Cuban salsa powerhouse Los Van Van will be performing. I have to say that I am thrilled and delighted that a group that has been the #1 Cuban salsa orchestra will play Chicago for the first time after the normalization of relations between the Cuba and the United States.

Los Van Van after more than 30 years and the loss of Juan Formell remains a cutting edge orchestra their charanga style with added horns makes it a very deep and powerful unique sound which is contagious and it will transform you, you will want more.

I will be there first as a journalist, secondly as a lover of my latin american culture and thirdly as goodwill ambassador to the Cuban people. Let’s support this!