Getting ready to photograph election results tonight

This is how I feel, I am a pitcher for a major league team, I am currently warming up in the bullpen (at home preparing the equipment) as I warm up I think of my pitches and the different batters I will face (Political candidates and where the will be and the different lighting circumstances). I am thinking of the manager, and the signals he will send me (Chip Mitchell WBEZ reporter). Soon I will go to the mound.

Images from Tulum Mexico

I was looking over images that I have taken during the last 3 years and I came across images from Tulum Mexico. I realized I take thousands of images and sometimes I think vacation images in touristy places don’t have any artistic value. I changed my mind about that. Here is a collection of images from the ruins at Tulum. I personally think they are beautiful and transcend time and could give you a small feeling of what Tulum was. Enjoy!