41 Years Later – A meeting with my 6th grade elementary school teacher in Chicago at TJ Maxx far from Puerto Rico

What would you think the chance would be that you see a person that the last time you see each other was at your grade school graduation, 41 years ago? Besides my family members I have not physically seen somebody from 41 years ago ever. Today this incredible twist of providential goodness from God happened to me. I was shopping with Lorena and Sarah at the TJ Maxx store on Fullerton Avenue near Lakeview, when I was complaining to Sarah about the prices in the store in Spanish and gentleman was passing by overheard and he laughed and we got into a conversation and first I noticed his accent and it was obvious that he was from my beloved Puerto Rico and we got into a conversation and I found out he was from Barrio Obrero and I was from La Calle Loiza and all of the sudden he tells me Wait! My wife used to teach in the Pedro Goyco elementary school in La Calle Loiza, and I said NO way! and he said yes and all of the sudden there she was Nydia Dalmau! I ask who she was and she told me and I cried and I was overcome with emotions. She was my favorite teacher! She remembered clearly who I was and recounted details about my Grandmother, My sister and me. I have not been able to stop thinking about this all day. I think of my Calle Loiza so often, I relieve so many memories on daily basis. I preside over the Facebook group that is fast approaching 1500 members of former residents and residents of La Calle Loiza that I can not fathom how much this means to me.

I know that this meeting has a purpose and I am sure that this story has more to it so I will keep you posted.

Charlie BillupsĀ  04/04/14