Los Van Van in Chicago

Oh! My God, I feel that this week I am Cuban after going to the Los Van Van concert, I can not get them out of my mind, I want to be there again. To me the pictures that you are about to see are probably the best I have ever taken. Yes and you may ask why?  I was involved, I have bought the Los Van Van train a long time ago. I was able to photograph their faces, feel the rhythm, I was able to make them part of my musical heritage. For this concert I shot most of the images up close, not from the upper deck even though I took some pictures up there too. This to me became an emotional issue and as a photographer I have found that my best work is when I care about the subject.

So, if you get a chance get on Spotify and look up the album title “Chapeando” put a couple of songs and put the images on slide show and take it all in. You will be Cuban for a couple of minutes for today.

Click here for link to images