Venezuela: What the New York Times says today

Will the Maduro regime end soon?


Venezuela: Impending doom: NPR Story on crisis in Venezuela Steel Industry

In my continuing watch of the crisis in Venezuela, I heard this story in NPR yesterday about the state of the Venezuelan Steel industry and how workers feel that nationalization of the very large industry has been a disaster.

Serie del Caribe 1976, Caracas, Venezuela – Dedicada a mi hermana que fue conmigo y a el Fotografo Venezolano Frank Martinez

Mucha historia en esta foto. Fue tomada con mi Mamiya C220. Este fue el juego inaugural con Puerto Rico en azul representando por los Criollos del Caguas y Republica Dominicana representada por los Tigres del Licey. A la derecha posterior de la bandera se encuentran El presidente de Venezuela Carlos Andres Perez y el Comisionado de Baseball Bowie Kuhn.serie del caribe 1976 (1 of 1)

Venezuela Update – What I think is going to happen in Venezuela a Barunto is going to happen! – Lo que siento de Venezuela!

I can not stop thinking about Venezuela, I can not stop to think of the people that are caught in a terrible situation. I don’t forget you, I pray for you. But I know that soon very soon things will get resolved. I think of you Leopoldo Lopez, Maria Corina, Lilian Tintori, Henrique Capriles, Antonio Ledezma , Enzo Scarano and Daniel Ceballos. I also think of my fellow photographer Frank. I wish you continued strength, perseverance and courage.

I think of the song by Willie and Hector “Barunto” (English translation bottom”)

No puedo parar de pensar en mis hermanos en Venezuela, No los olvido! Se que estan en una muy mala situacion, Oro por ustedes, los pienso. Estoy con ustedes mis hermanos, Leopoldo, Maria Corina, Lilian, Henrique, Antonio, Enzo y Daniel. Fuerza, Fuerza, perseverancia! Siento un Barunto!

Barrunto en mi corazón,
de que pronto llegará
la separación.

Si ayer fué felicidad
hoy es tristeza
pero que angustia, melancolía,

Como cuando hay la sensación
de agua con viento
tengo ya el presentimiento
barrunto en mi corazón.

Tengo ya el presentimiento,
barrunto en mi corazón.


English –

I have a strong feeling in my heart,
A premonition
That very soon a separation will happen

If yerstaday was happiness
Today is sadness,
Anguish, melancholy and
disillusionment .

When there is a feeling of water and wind
I have this premonition in my heart

I have this premonition in my heart
I feel a Barunto in my heart.


Venezuela Update – 2/23/2014 – 11pm

Charlie Billups Venezuela Update! – I read here yesterday that somebody says that the coup in Venezuela and Ukraine were coups planted by Obama and his administration. I found this remark so shallow and baseless and so out of touch with the reality of what the people of this countries are suffering.

We are so blessed to live in a place where stability is the norm and where our laws even though sometimes we don’t think the are good they actually guarantee a lot of the freedoms that we enjoy.

I have many close Venezuelan friends, my wife has friends and relatives that are from Venezuela and we know their suffering. We know how in the last years basic items like toilet paper are non existent because of somebodies idea that Venezuela most become a state like Cuba and have a centralized economy.

Please boycott Citgo Gas Stations, Deny the funding that is repressing millions of citizens of their to democracy.

It is my sincere hope that type of bloodshed that was seen in Ukraine is avoided at all cost.

Pastors and Ministers that I know make this a priority to pray for this, research this,  follow this on the news. It is my sincere belief that we can make a difference!

Support Venezuela!

Really important – Life or Death Situation – Very Important

I want to use this medium tonight to make you more aware of a situation that is very near to my heart. Is not about me but about my brothers and sisters in Venezuela tonight. The situation in Venezuela is dire tonight and within days a major confrontation with bloodshed is imminent. The government of President Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition are locked in a fight for the mind and soul of the Venezuelan people. Me I am with the opposition because the goverment has banned basic freedoms and as far as I can has rule in a very undemocratic way. Please research for yourself.

I want to propose tonight various things if you live in Chicago call the Venezuelan Consulate (312-324-0907) before 1pm tomorrow and voice your very strong opposition the policies of the present Venezuelan government also call for the unconditional release of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez who turned himself in and is charged with murder.

Secondly do not buy fuel in Citgo Gas stations, CITGO is a direct subsidiary of PDVSA the Venezuelan Goverment Oil company. Think if you fill up at a Citgo gas station every week at 60.00 per week you are sending $3120.00 per year to the Venezuelan goverment and from what I gather 12% of that is distributed as free assistance to the Cuban Government.

Please take a stand. Please share this posting. We must do something we must stop the human rights abuses in Venezuela.

Venezuela estamos contigo!