Children growing up

This week my life was engulfed in a lot of sadness. Sadness that I can not describe here. Sadness that is like death in the family for not being able to see someone that you love for so many years and then just seeing them for a minute and from a distance. I have tried to put my mind around it and all that I can do is think about my children now Sarah and Pachi, how they bring me joy as I see them grow and participate in the glow of the Puertorican and Colombian cultures.

Puerto Rico – I always go back to you

Tonight as I put my Pachi to sleep and I fight with thoughts of struggles and balances, I close my eyes and drift to thee, I listen to waves and birds in a beach that can never be far from me, I feel the warm breeze in my face, my bare feet feel the sand of dusk and my soul feels the cuddling of your warm waves.

In the cold of winter in a far place from thee, I imagine my children building castles in the sand, I tear as I feel that life has taking me so far from thee and many storms have past.
Your waves calm me and provide a rest to my soul.

I imagine you at night in the dark and listen to the waves, loud, powerful but steady and frequent, each wave is like a hug from my lover reassuring me that I will be alright.

The smell of your ocean is like the aroma of coffee in the morning unique and reassuring of a new day, I miss you and long to be with thee.

Please see this images and maybe you can put the sound of waves in the background and enjoy these images.

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Salsa dancing in Chicago

I went to the Chicago International Salsa Congress last Saturday and it was a night that I parted with my cameras and just took my Iphone. The results are images of people simply dancing and one of biggest salsa stars Charlie Aponte of Gran Combo fame which were delightful to look at. As a photographer I know they were very pixelated however they did justice to the cause. Enjoy!

Our legacy – 2016

Several weeks the wife of Alderman Roberto Maldonado my friend passed away after a short but devastating illness. Several weeks ago also my childhood friend Ricky Barcelo in Puerto Rico also passed unexpectedly and finally yesterday my dear high school friend Sigfredo “Junior” Rivera passed in the night victim of a sudden heart attack.

I am not old, I am only 54 but these three unexpected deaths make me consider where I am in life and specially the brevity of it. Last night as we participated in the monthly “Bombazo” of the AfriCaribe cultural center, I watched my 2 youngest children, Sarah and Pachi dance to the rhytms of drums that evoke a past in the slave owned plantations of Boriken, and I realized the legacy that I leave my children is my culture, my passions, the images that I take. Hopefully they will love our Afro-caribbean culture as much as I do.

I hope that 2016 brings reconciliation to many and to myself!

Suder Montessori Christmas celebration

I really enjoy the sights and sounds of a school Christmas pageant, Suder’s was no exception. I really enjoyed my daughter Sarah do the voice of a Toucan, I feel so blessed.

Here are some links so you can see all the action:

and check out the dancers!/index/G000014UqnY5VS64