Salsa dancing in Chicago

I went to the Chicago International Salsa Congress last Saturday and it was a night that I parted with my cameras and just took my Iphone. The results are images of people simply dancing and one of biggest salsa stars Charlie Aponte of Gran Combo fame which were delightful to look at. As a photographer I know they were very pixelated however they did justice to the cause. Enjoy!

Our legacy – 2016

Several weeks the wife of Alderman Roberto Maldonado my friend passed away after a short but devastating illness. Several weeks ago also my childhood friend Ricky Barcelo in Puerto Rico also passed unexpectedly and finally yesterday my dear high school friend Sigfredo “Junior” Rivera passed in the night victim of a sudden heart attack.

I am not old, I am only 54 but these three unexpected deaths make me consider where I am in life and specially the brevity of it. Last night as we participated in the monthly “Bombazo” of the AfriCaribe cultural center, I watched my 2 youngest children, Sarah and Pachi dance to the rhytms of drums that evoke a past in the slave owned plantations of Boriken, and I realized the legacy that I leave my children is my culture, my passions, the images that I take. Hopefully they will love our Afro-caribbean culture as much as I do.

I hope that 2016 brings reconciliation to many and to myself!

Suder Montessori Christmas celebration

I really enjoy the sights and sounds of a school Christmas pageant, Suder’s was no exception. I really enjoyed my daughter Sarah do the voice of a Toucan, I feel so blessed.

Here are some links so you can see all the action:

and check out the dancers!/index/G000014UqnY5VS64

Portrait of a Saxophonist – Roy McGrath

Several months ago I met Roy McGrath at an activity for the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center in Chicago. I like the intensity, the sharpness of the music he play, I like that crosses musical styles. But above all he is a leader in the music world and workhorse.

I find Roy very fascinating to photograph.

Afri Caribe Chicago Fall Recital

Tonight as we think about the senseless brutal murder of Laquan Macdonald and the injustice that it signifies, I divert my mind to think about something that brings peace, reconciliation and diversity to my beloved community, that is AfriCaribe.

Last Saturday we celebrated the fall recital and it was so beautiful to see the room full of so many caring people that participate in an event that teaches about Caribbean cutural heritage. AfriCaribe is peace to our community.

Click here to view the images